September 25, 2009

You Puke, You Pay

An interesting blip in the local news caught my eye. Our (Chicago) cab drivers are asking to pass a $50 penalty for cleaning up a passengers vomit. Personally, this doesnt seem like a big deal to me. I have to think that if you barf in a friends car, you would offer to pay to clean it (or do it yourself). If you purged on someone elses clothes or shoes ... I'd also think the same courtesy would be extended. Just because someone is providing a service (the cab ride) doesnt mean you can do whatever you want to their vehicle. What made me curious was how unique this request might be. It doesnt appear to be that common. I guess Chicago must be special :) There are a few other mentions, but it looks like its more common in a University town (again, I can see why).

Here are some places you should avoid if you are a puker:
South Ribble (Lancashire, UK)
Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY)
GW University, fine for puking on shuttle (Washington DC)

And just for fun, a little blip about a woman who intentionally vomited in a cab (and then slapped a cop) in New Jersey.

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