July 1, 2009

Pasta In A Breadbowl? GENIUS!

I got an email today from Dominos Pizza regrding their "bread bowl pasta". It looked so delicious (yes, I was hungry), and I figured it would make a perfect meal the night before my 10K. Pasta and bread? Carboload!!!

Seriously, I never heard of it before so I searched around and found a lot of internet-chat about this new invention. That's Fit labels it a "diet enemy" (luckily, I'm not on a diet) and lemondrop.com calls it "heaven". There is a review of each type at yumsugar.

I'm Sold!

And no, I havent found the time to run since Sunday :( Im hoping to ... someday.

Training Log
Time:???   Distance:3.73 mi   Pace:???
After the discussion of pasta in a breadbowl I felt a bit guilty. I was thinking about eating, and not running ... despite a race looming around the corner. So, I went out for a run when my hubby got home. I knew I had to do more than 3 and mapped out a generic route that was about 3.3 miles. As I was almost done I looked and had only gone 3.15, so I stretched it out a bit and ended up at 3.73.

BUT, something odd happened. Runkeeper said it took me an hour and seven minutes, pacing at over 18 minutes a mile. I had to wait once or twice for a light, but not that much, and I know Im faster than an 18-minute-mile (not much faster, but faster!). The application does give me breakdowns per mile though: mile 1 = 12:02, mile 2 = 12:57, mile 3 = 11:36 and pacing for mile 4 = 12:58. So how does that work out to 18 minute miles? I dont know, I'm seriously confused.


Jess said...

Yeah, I think you could probably eat that 2 days before your race -- I bet it has enough carbs to last for several days' worth of digestion!

meanjean said...

Let me know when you try it. I saw the commercial and was interested too. Im jealous of your almost 4 miles...Im hurting at 2 these days. :(