July 2, 2009

I Love You Starbucks

Found an article, "Starbucks Focuses on Healthy Menu Items", that has encouraged me to patronize Starbucks.

Who am I kidding? I dont care if their menu items are "healthy" or "healthier" for that matter.

Supposedly though, they are adding some salads (one or two) to their menu. That will actually be really nice. I am there once a week during lunchtime, while doing some dissertation stuff, and find myself struggling with what to eat. This week I had yogurt and pastry, last week I had an egg & spinach wrap, the week before I had a sandwich. None of that made the best lunch, or was exactly what I was looking for. Not that a salad would solve my problems ... but it would be nice to have the choice at least!


Sarah said...

I love Starbucks too! I am there every morning. :) Mine doesn't carry any sandwiches though...just pastry type stuff. :(

Jess said...

I like their sandwiches; they're just kind of expensive.