May 14, 2009

Yay Southwest Airlines!

Good thing I just booked a flight on Southwest Airlines because it appears that they have implimented an "enhanced Inflight Coffee Experience called LIFT in an effort to improve the Customer Experience". Basically, this fancy sentence means that they have a new blend of coffee, a coffee-mate creamer and an eco-friendly paper cup. And the good thing is, Southwest will donate money to the Guatemala Light Project based on the amount of LIFT coffee Customers consume.

What is the Guatemala Light Project?
The Guatemala Light Project brings light to isolated villages in the Guatemalan coffee-growing regions. Many of these villages are in complete darkness when the sun goes down, yet light is an essential part of community and social development. Our donations will help support a self-sustaining co-operative that supplies homes with solar-powered LED light systems and trains villagers how to install them. Through this unique program, Southwest Airlines is able to have a big impact on a community.

I'm gonna have to get me a cup of that fancy new coffee :) But for now, two Starbucks a day will have to do...

Sweet Thing Confessions
Iced Mocha
Sugar Cookie (or two)
Iced Caramel Macchiato

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Bob Beattie said...

Southwest Airlines has been a great partner with the project. For more info here is our organization that is receiving the donations.