May 15, 2009

What A Yucky Day

It's such a gloomy day. All day it has been sprinkling...just enough to force us to stay in the house. All day :(

To top it off, Brooke woke up at 6AM (with the help of our noisy dog). That makes it a LONG gloomy day. We went to Starbucks first thing in the morning and I decided that because it was so gloomy I should get a pastry. Yes, I thought I should reward myself for my misery. I knew it was wrong but did it anyway, but got what I deserved. I didnt get my favorite (Mallorca Sweet Bread) so I can save it for the weekend, instead I got an Orange Cranberry Scone. It wasnt very good. Of course, I still ate the whole thing...

The worst thing about being stuck in the house with a baby is how repetitive things get. We played with all the toys, took a nap, played with all the toys and took another nap. While she naps, I eat. And since I didnt plan on being cooped up in the house I dont have a whole lot to eat, so it hasnt been a very healthy eating day either. Oh well. I'm just going to chalk today up as a loss and start over again tomorrow :)

Sweet Thing Confessions
Toffee Nut Latte
Orange Cranberry Scone

I'm updating this 2 days later, so I'm not sure if I had one latte or two :( I'm gonna guess I had two and hopefully I am over confessing!


Jess said...

Hopefully, the sun comes out today!

Carly said...

I Hope the weekend brighten up!