May 22, 2009

Wait ... Pop Isn't Good For You???

I have gone on and off pop kicks for years ... Recently I was "on". The bad thing is that I just can't stand diet pop ... So it's regular (actually, Coke) or nothing at all. Luckly I am currently "off" and I think my sweet thing confessions helped with that. Good thing, because everyone seems to be soda-bashing lately... A local paper's Has pop gone flat? article claims that an extra can if pop a day can make you gain 13 lbs in a year ... And also basically blames pop for the current obesity epidemic. This article claims that your intake of sugar on a daily basis should be capped at 10% of a day's calories. Thus, if you consume 1,800 calories only 180 (45 grams) should be surgar. Whoops. I've done pretty good at limiting my soda intake ... But I have a feeling my daily Toffee Nut Latte had 180 (or more) sugar calories. And I don't even want to think about my double latte days. I'm off to visit my sister for the weekend. Vacation means not having to worry about sugar and fats. I'll worry about it when I get home ...

1 comment:

Jess said...

Yeah, full calorie soda has a LOT of sugar in it, so it's good you're "off" it right now.

Have a fun weekend away!