March 26, 2009

One MORE????

There are 2 reasons I love running by the lake. The first is an obvious one: the view!

The second best thing is the characters you encounter down by the lake. The boardwalk of Lake Michigan has several groups of people: serious athletes, weekend warriors, casual walkers/onlookers, tourists, local oddities and wierdos. Today it was 60 and sunny and some of the stranger individuals came out of the woodworks. I saw them all but coudnt snap a pic of all of them. Two that I missed included a (homeless?) man in a parka, with his hood on. Standing in the middle of the beach surrounded by shopping bags, staring up into the sun. The other was an older gentleman in nothing but a pair of running shorts (the short, barely there ones). This is not that strange on this path, but this man had a bicycle filled with garbage and nicknacks, including a hand-written poster that said "Free Hugs". He was very busy arranging rocks on the path and taking pictures of them.

Here are a few I did get

I guess sometimes you just gotta get all dolled up, throw on your mink, and take a walk in 60 degree weather down by the lake

This particular gentleman was alternating between napping, talking to a goose, and smoking something that did not smell like a cigarette

Dog and owner hanging out - under the dog's watchful eye

Then there was this cool bird - black & white and kindof fuzzy with a tuft on his head. I've never seen anything like it around this area

Training Log
Time:45:08   Distance:4+ mi   Pace:???
RunKeeper got me again. The issue is that you cannot go back and forth between applications ... and I did this both on accident and on purpose several times. Each time you move out of the application your run tracking stops. From what I can tell, the total time is correct, but it does not track your distance in between the pause and resume. Going on this assumption (that the time is right), I know I ran a bit over 4 miles. 4.25 seems too gracious, so I'm going to go with 4.10. That puts me at 11 minute miles. I dont know, maybe it's too fast ... I was purposely running slow and did go farther in distance then I generally do. So my pace was somewhere between 11 and 12:30, howz that?

While I completed today's run without keeling over, I do have to do it again ... plus one in just a few days. I'm hoping the 30,000 others are enough motivation to keep me going!


Rookie on the Run said...

Well, did you take your free hug or not?! :D

aron said...

love the pics :) sounds like a great day to be out for a run!!

YOU CAN DO IT this weekend!!! no doubt! just have fun and soak up race day adrenaline :)

Carly said...

Great photos!! You had a beautiful day for a run. I love people watching too. Good luck this weekend!