March 28, 2009

Race Prep

Gearing up for the 8K tomorrow by doing a few important things.

1) Fueling Up
A latte and a pastry for breakfast, followed by,
Some pop, a pulled pork sandwich and some french fries for lunch.

2) Resting the Legs
With loads of laundry and a shopping trip.

3) Mental Preparation
Pulled the 20 page participant guide off the web so I know where to park my vehicle tomorrow. Checked the weather forecast and cried. At race time it will be 33 and snowing. Awesome.

4) The Little Things
Guess since I did all of the important stuff already, I should find a few minutes to do the little things like get my clothes together, put my chip on my shoe and bib on my shirt, and collect any other race-day necessities into one place :) I'll get to that stuff sometime tonight...

1 comment:

Carly said...

good luck on the race! I am drooling over that sandwich!