February 10, 2009

Schedule Change!

We have unseasonably warm temps in Chicago today - 62 degrees! Since Brooke has never seen anything like this, we went out for several walks today - in total we walked about 6 miles.

Even though there were some breaks taken during this walking (like for coffee, and later a milkshake), I'm still thinking this is enough exercise for today. I'm going to count today as my cross-training day and move my run for today until tomorrow :)

Even though I ate a lot of junk today, I did stop in at the running store (one of my main reasons for such a long walk) to get some items I need ... including some Mizuno Breath Thermo gloves. Despite the warm temps today, Chicago winter is definitely not over, and after the finger incident I decided I may want to try some different gloves :)


Sarah said...

My kids were loving being outside too. Are you within walking distance of Starbucks?? If so, I am VERY jealous. I live in a fairly rural area...have to drive about 15 min to get to one. :)

Those looks like great gloves. I bought a pair of Nike ones at the start of the winter and have used them a lot. They keep my hands warm, but are not at all bulky.

Jess said...

Sounds like perfect walking weather!