February 11, 2009

I Might Have Screwed Up

Yesterday was beautiful and I opted to do a lot of walking with Brooke instead of my run, assuming I could just do my run today. Well, its been raining all day. I dont think it has stopped for more than 10 minutes. And, as I have mentioned before, I dont have a treadmill ... or a gym membership. That means I have to run outside.

I dont have time to do my run until about 7:30 tonight, so who knows what the weather will be like. What I do know is that its not going to be 62 and sunny like it was yesterday :( I dont mind running in a little drizzle, but it is really worth it to go out there in the middle of a rainstorm? Hmm.....

Training Log
Time:???   Distance:1.95 mi   Pace:???
Around 7 pm the rain actually stopped, so I sucked it up and headed out for my run. It was a bit of a mess ... first I screwed up the RunKeeper, then it just stopped working altogether (it is too sensitve to other applications on the iPhone!). For some reason my earbuds wouldnt stay in and I messed with them the whole run. My headband wouldnt stay on either. Then to top it off, I seemed to be running directly into the wind no matter which direction I was running. Essentially, I am glad I got it in, but it wasnt the most fun I ever had. Due to Run Keeper's error, I do not have a time for the run ... but can guarantee you due to my fiddling and the wind, it was pretty darn slow ;)


aron said...

good luck!! could you move it to another day if its still pouring?

Jess said...

I don't mind running in rain if it starts raining while I'm running, but I do hate starting a run in the rain. However, the plus side of running in the rain is that it makes you feel like a bad-ass.