February 10, 2009

Best Cup of Coffee - Consumer Reports

I've talked a bit how Starbucks has been suffering a downturn as more people are turning to home-brewed coffee. I myself am doing this as well, but its honestly because the weather is so bad I can't get to Starbucks ... not because of the economy (though that should be my reason). I am having some concerns now about the amount of caffeine I am consuming with the home-brew option. At Starbucks I know my latte has two shots of espresso in it, but at home I am brewing a pot of coffee and adding only some cream to my mug. So a mug of coffee (maybe two?) versus a lattee might not be adding up right.

But, as I sit worrying about my caffeine intake, the Consumer Reports comes out with their ranking of the Best Cup o'Brew. Interestingly enough, the #1 ranked brand is one I have never heard of before - Eight O'Clock Coffee. So, despite the fact I worry about my caffeine intake, I went out and bought some.

Luckily I am not out of my existing coffee yet (Folgers) so I have yet to crack into the new stuff. Now I worry a bit that it will be so amazing that I will have the desire to increase versus decrease my coffee consumption. Maybe I should just throw out all of my coffee and head to Starbucks regardless of the weather ... it might be good for my health :)

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