February 24, 2009


All day long today my shoulders have been sore. I couldnt figure it out. Logically, I assumed I needed to carry around my 18 pound baby a bit less. But I carry her all the time, so why the soreness today? Perhaps because I did my abs class and ran yesteday? Yes, that must be it. But why would doing some exercise yesterday suddenly make me sore from carrying around Brooke?

Light goes on in head

We added a new exercise in my abs class yesterday. Push ups. Modified push ups (yes, the "girly" ones). The class focuses on the core, but we do some other things too (and push ups do involve the core anyway). So I did maybe 10 modified push ups, and my arms are sore today. If I had done the 100 push up challenge instead of just blogging about it, this might not be a problem. But instead, here I am. I can barely run two miles and I am sore after doing 10 girly push ups.


Sarah said...

I am AWFUL at push-ups! I was doing the girly ones for a while and improving, but have not been doing them lately. My 2-year-old likes to be carried and he is oevr 30 pounds now...I think I will count that as my upper body workout. :)

aron said...

its crazy how a new move can make you SO SORE! it happens to me a lot! you are doing great :)