July 9, 2008

One-Hundred Push Up Challenge

Everywhere I go bloggers are talking about the "100 Push Up Challenge". I keep ignoring it because with the extra weight I am carrying in the mid-section I highly doubt I can even do one. Since I keep seeing so much about it I figured I would at least see what its about - and figured if you werent already doing it ... you might be curious too :)

The point of this challenge is pretty much what it sounds like - with 6 weeks of training you can get to 100 push-ups ... regardless of how many you can do right now! You start off with an initial test that puts you into a category. This category will give you your training schedule for weeks 1 & 2, then you take a test again to figure out how to continue with the training for weeks 3 & 4. At the end of week 4 you take the test (called an "exhaustion test") again to see where you stand for weeks 5 & 6.

If you are interested in attempting this feat, check out the one hundred push ups website where you can learn more and download the complete training file!

Here is just a sampling of bloggers I found doing the challenge:


Jess said...

It's a dang tough challenge. And I tell ya, I think the "6 weeks" part of the title is a misnomer -- it's gonna take me way more than 6 weeks to get up the 100!

Mark said...

I'm in on this. No way am I blogging about it though.

zuddin said...

hi.. 100 push-ups yah?? so cool..
i would like to do tat too soon.. :)
hmm, feel free to read my blog ok.. and drop some comments on my blog to when u have da time ok.. :)

Peter said...

Thanks for the link! Good luck on the challenge!

Sandman said...

I really just started the challenge and it is really tough, but the rewards are well worth it ... I think.