July 8, 2008

I Prefer The Non-Crunchy Kind

Today was the third session of my new yoga class. (Last week was cancelled due to the holiday week). I have officially confirmed that this class is too "crunchy" for me. The instructor picks a topic each week and has us go around and "share", she feels that its an important part of the class because yoga is also about "community". The class is 60 minutes long and it feels like we waste 15 minutes each class for this show-and-tell session.

We did some normal yoga stuff, but two different times she had us do chants. One was an "internal chant" and the other was an "external chant". I know that chanting can be a part of yoga, but I am totally not cool with it. Also, she keeps telling us to breathe out our mouths - and from what I understand about yoga its about breathing in and our of your nose. Maybe I am wrong? Or maybe my instructor is just nuts.

I signed up for a 9 week class so I will be doing this crunchy yoga until mid-August. Its not worth complaining about, but for sure this class does make me a bit more uncomfortable then relaxed!

Less Baby Talkin' - More Bloggin'
I started an alternative blog to cover the baby stuff. I did it for two reasons: 1) so I dont have to waste peoples time with the jabber here and 2) I was starting to feel guilty. I covered my path to the marathon in so much detail I felt like perhaps I owed some level of detail to the future marathoner due in October :)

I cant promise there wont be baby talk going on here - but most of the details will be covered at Chronicles of Parenthood!

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meanjean said...

Oh heck, I've been reading the baby blog for a couple of weeks waiting for you to announce yourself. :)I love it! i like the fitness stuff (plus puppies and cupcakes) AND the baby stuff!