January 13, 2009

I've Been Doing It Wrong All These Years

I posted back in December about the correct way to tie a shoe and mentioned that I wasn't sure which way I did it. If you watch the video, there is just one simple step - whether you loop your lace over or under - that determines if you are tying the correct knot. Many of my shoes don't have laces, so I didn't know offhand.

When I ran the 5K I pulled out my running shoes and noticed how I tied them, but then couldnt remember what the video said! But yesterday I had a pair of shoes with laces on, and I paid attention this time. Whoever taught me to tie my shoes (Mom? Preschool?) taught me the wrong way. All these years! How do you change something that is second nature? I am officially tying the granny knot.

I feel so humiliated.

At least I can put something on my New Years Resolution list now. "Learn how to tie shoes"


meanjean said...

I dont know who taught you to tie your shoes, but i do it right! (I just tried it right now at my desk!)

aron said...

lol at least you can learn now before you teach brooke :)