December 16, 2008

You Tie Your Shoes Like A Granny!

I get regular emails from Runners World, which I assume most runners do. Today's email had a link that read:
VIDEO: How to Tie Your Shoes
Sure, go ahead, laugh. But there's a good chance that you aren't doing it right.
Being the uber-genius I am I was sure I was doing it right, but thought I would check just to be sure. The link leads to this video: The thing is, only my running shoes have laces. All of my other shoes are slip ons (I even have ones with velcro. Sounds dumb, but they're Nikes ... and I swear they are cool. Really.) Anyway, I dont know which way I tie mine. I have Brooke sleeping on my lap and I'm dying to go put on my shoes to check and see how I do it. When she wakes up we are gonna perform a little test :)

Are you tying in a "granny knot" or a "reef knot"? If you are still using the bunny-ear method your mom taught you in kindergarden, I'm pretty sure you are royally screwed :)

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