December 15, 2008

Whoops! Someone Screwed Up

I thought it was a bit odd that the announcement about the CDC was coming from the photo company. I figured the race organizers (of both the new & old races) had my email and would likely let me know about the change. I assumed the new organizers got a list of past participants as part of the purchase so that they could market to them in the future ... and would obviouslyn be selling the new race. I also thought it was a bit strange that the photo people used the word "cancelled".

Turns out that I was right ... that photo company screwed up :)

Yesterday I received a retraction:
Dear Athlete,

We are writing to clarify our recent email regarding the Chicago Distance Classic . The Classic is now the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon, coming August 2, 2009. You can get all the details at .

We regret for any confusion our previous email may have caused. The Classic now Rocks!

You can view your photos of the 2007 and 2008 Chicago Distance Classic at

Madine Enterprises, Inc.
Sounds to me like Madine Enterprises was informed that their services would no longer be needed in the future (the Rock n Roll organizers likey have a different photo service) and decided to try to use the opportunity as a last minute attempt to sell some old pics. They made themselves look pretty stupid with these emails, didnt they? If the new race organizers were even considering using them for the upcoming race you can sure bet they arent anymore!

I'm not gonna buy any old photos, but did decide to check them out. Now I regret looking at my pre-baby self as I sit here on the couch eating cookies at 8AM (with a baby on my lap who has just recently found her hand and cant stop staring at it in total amaement). Just to relive the glory days, here is a pic of me from 07: blonder, thinner, healthier, faster and stronger.

I'd post a "before" and "after" pic of myself but dont want to dissuade any of you from having one of these. It honestly is worth it! (Just consider her the "after" photo)


meanjean said...

I actually miss that weather more than I miss the old dawn :) I like you now, and your baby too. I'm trying to sign up for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler again this year (sign up is tomorrow but it sells out in a couple hours). I wish i had cookies for breakfast.

lifestudent said...

I have over 100 cookies...perhaps I will send you some and we can eat cookies for breakfast together on gchat.

*aron* said...

ohhhh she is so cute :)