December 10, 2008

Chicago Distance Classic No More

I just got an email from the people who do the photos for the Chicago Distance Classic that the race will no longer take place in the future (2008 was the last year). This is a pretty interesting thing since its such a large race, and also set perfectly in the schedule for those training for the Chicago Marathon. Here is the email I received:
Dear Athlete:

We have just learned, to our regret, that the Chicago Distance Classic, the oldest running event in Chicago, will no longer take place.

We were proud to provide your photographs of this event for many years, and we have a deep respect for the tradition that it represented among Chicago runners. It appears that newer events are replacing the venerable Classic.

For the Holidays, we have re-instituted your photos of the 2007 Chicago Distance Classic on our website at We have also waived our legacy archive fee for this event, for this period at

Of course, your photos will be titled "2007 Chicago Distance Classic." What a great way to memorialize your participation in Chicago's oldest running event!

Please check out your photos out one last time, and accept our thanks for a great tradition and memories at the Chicago Distance Classic.

You can view your photos at

We constantly add events, so please scroll down to 2007 Chicago Distance Classic

Of course, if you've already ordered, please accept our thanks!

Thanks, Chicago.

Madine Enterprises, Inc.
by Tom Madine.
If you go to the website there is a link to the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon, which is obviously what the CDC is becoming or being replaced with. With a bit of snooping I found that the organizer of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon acquired the CDC back in October or so.

Pretty interesting stuff. In my opinion the race has been poorly organized in recent years. When I ran it (2007) the course stunk and water was a problem. Last year there was that small problem with the course being mismeasured.

The change sounds pretty good to me! There will be live bands along every mile of the course and a post-race concert. Perhaps this is a race I should aim for in 2009?

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robison52 said...

The organizer of Rock and Roll Marathons has also bought out Devine Racing for the "Las Vegas Marathon," which should also be a good thing for 2009! RNR is starting to become a Monopoly?