December 4, 2008

Why This Is Cruel (And I Am Not)

I have never denied that I have dressed up my dog on special occasions. She always wears a Halloween costume and has donned an outfit or two for St. Pats and Christmas. But, I like to think of myself as only a little bit cruel ... I look for costumes that I know (or think) wont irritate her and bribe her with many, many treats. In fact, she is so food motivated and we have been doing this for so long, when she sees a costume she starts to "sit pretty" which is how she begs for a treat. I dress her up quick, take a picture, and take the costume back off. She then gets all worked up cuz she knows a treat is coming. I think its a win-win situation. I get a cute picture and she gets food (and of course, approval from me!)

I do think some stuff is pretty rediculous though. I often post the strange things I find for dogs and with the Holidays quickly approaching I thought this Santa Suit was worth a post. Now here is why this is cruel (and I, of course, am not):
1) Dogs hate hats, but they really hate hats with attached beards
2) Dogs hate to wear things on or around their feet
3) Dogs really hate when you put bells on their feet
This Santa suit does it all. Just look at the poor dogs in this pic, they look humiliated!


Alisa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Those costumes are pretty bad. My hubby won't let me put clothes on the dog. The only time I got him to say maybe was when I read about taking non-nordic breeds snow shoeing. The website recommends snow booties and a fleece. (Of course if we take her this winter...I'll be making sure she is in the most stylish booties and fleece.)

What kind of dog do you have?

lifestudent said...

Ha! My hubby says not to dress up the dog too ... then I do ... and he says "can you send that pic to my Mom" or something like that :)

Franudgie said...

You're right about dogs not liking anything on their head or feet. I promtly removed anything my wife or children ever put on the dog, except her warm coat when it was time for walkies in the cold - she absolutely loved wearing a fleecy coat!