December 6, 2008

First Vick Dog Ready For Foster Home!

I've posted a few times about the Michael Vick dogs - specifically the 22 that went to the Best Friends Animal Society because its an organization I support. I just saw today that the first dog is ready the leave the sanctuary!

When these dogs arrives at Best Friends, the court had very specific requirements for them. Oscar was one of 9 who aws required to pass his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes with a perfect score before living in a foster home. After some bumps in the road (which you can read about in the article) Oscar became the first of the "Viktory dogs" (as they call them there) to pass his CGC exam and is now officially eligible to join a foster home :)

Click here for more info on the Viktory Dogs and the Pit Bull breed!

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RunToFinish said...

oh that's not fair it makes me really want one and I can't get one