November 19, 2008

Return To Fitness: Day One

I kept my promise and went to Stroller Strides today. Brooke was very cooperative and I just simply couldnt find any excuses not to go. The class was great, and at my current level of fitness (probably a 4 on a 10 point scale) it was really challenging. My stamina is low and my muscles are weak, so I definitely need to get into some sort of routine. I think that things have been relatively easy regarding Brooke (the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods) and that got me to thinking that I was in the same shape as I used to be. I was wrong. Stuff that should have been generally easy for me was hard, and I worked up a sweat walking at a fast (not even very fast) pace. I'm looking forward to keeping up with these classes and eventually adding some more things into my weekly routine. I think its going to be a bit before I'm out there running any races :)

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*aron* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

i always am curious to see how pregnant women and new mom's do with their workout routines... good job for getting at yours!

one of my best friends just had a baby, and its the first one i really have ever been around. he just turned 2 months, so is pretty close to where your little girl is :)