November 21, 2008

Brooke Says: No Stroller Strides Today!

Brooke slept really well the past few nights, at least 6 hours straight...which is pretty great for a 7-week old baby. Because we have had some good nights I was expecting a bad one, and get one I did. Last night wasnt a good night. Brooke didnt get a whole lot of sleep and her mommy got even less. Just the sleep deprivation alone was enough to signal to me that we wouldnt be attending Stroller Strides today - but to top that off she decided to also add some crankiness to the pot. Not just a pinch either, she decided to add a whole handful of crankiness to the pot.

She's been screaming all morning and then started to settle down, so I went to Starbucks knowing for sure today I would need the caffeine. By the time we got there she was sleeping and I sat for a minute to eat my scone and read the paper. Then I realized I had all of this work to do at home (beginning with cleaning up a diaper-blowout from minutes prior to our departure) and thought I could take advantage of her sleepiness. So we left Starbucks to go home so that I could get some stuff done. That was where I went wrong.

I have mentioned before that Brooke really seems to like Starbucks. I'm not sure why, but she does. The minute we got home her little eyes popped open and she's been screaming ever since ... which has now been about 2 hours. I have her on my lap and am trying to get her to sleep in between sips of my (now) cold Toffee Nut Latte, realizing that my entire day has basically ended before it even began :)

We will just have to aim our sights for Monday's class!

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