November 24, 2008

Looks Like We Will Sit On The Couch Instead Of Exercising

It was a bit of a rough weekend. Brooke was cranky all day Fri & Sat, and only slightly better on Sun. She is normally a pretty fussy baby, so I am used to a certain level of her unhappiness ... but this seemed different. We figure she might be going through some sort of growth spurt. Sure hope so ... cuz that means the increased number of fits are only temporary :)

She is cranky again today, but it seems more like her usual cranky self. That is, until I squirted her nose drops all over her face and into her eye. She has had a congested nose for weeks now, and the doctor said to use a saline spray to help clear her nasal passages (since little ones can't bloe their own noses). This morning I missed her nostril and it got all over her face and in her eye. Man was she ticked.

I guess that whole episode wore her out cuz she passed out on my lap. Needless to say, I'm not going to mess with an angry baby ... thus Stroller Strides is a no-go again.

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