October 28, 2008

Bring On The Liquids

Ok, this is not related to anything, but I got so excited when I saw this on the news that I had to post it! It looks like airline restrictions on liquids will be eased in 2009. I travel pretty frequently (at least, pre-Brooke!) and this 3oz thing drives me crazy. I happily put up with the limitations because I appreciate the ability to travel - but packing can be a nightmare. For men its easy - most of the time my husband doesnt have a single liquid he even wants to bring. But when I start adding up my makeup, beauty and hair products I have to start making cuts. I bring two of the quart ziplock bags - one in my husbands suitcase and one in mine ... and I still find myself having to make complicated decisions. For instance, whether to bring a tiny bottle of hairspray or a tiny bottle of spray gel because I cannot fit them both. Oh, the trauma!

But it looks like by next fall the TSA will lift the current restrictions. While we will still have to remove liquids and get them scanned, there wont be the 3 oz rule. By 2010 we will be able to keep the liquids in our bags.

Not only will this be a benefit for me, causing me less packing stress, but its going to save so much time in security! I cant tell you the crazy things we have seen checkers pull out of peoples luggage - usually involving huge bottles of alcohol. Why people dont know about the restrictions just blows my mind, but having to wait while their bag is checked and rechecked really chaps my hyde. And the good thing is, by the fall of 2009 Brooke will be 1 and its likely we will be traveling a bit again. That means that I wont have to worry about the 3oz rule, and shouldnt have to declare her bottles as medication (which is the current practice).

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