September 4, 2008

Silent Auction for CAROL VANCE DECKER

I was surfing around on some of my baby-related blogs and found this post on Mamanista. The story really touched me and I thought I should post it on my blog(s) to try to spread the word.
Carol Decker had an emergency cesarean section on June 10, 2008. After the surgery she developed life-threatening hypotension from a septic pneumonia infection. After fighting for several weeks, the medicine she was on to save her life had the unfortunate side effect of blocking blood flow to her legs, left arm and eyes.

Since then, Carol has had both legs below the knee amputated, her left arm amputated and she is blind. Carol was transferred to Harborview after an extended stay in ICU at Swedish Hospital, which insurance has covered to an extent and the rest her family have had to pay for out of pocket. Carol will now begin inpatient rehab, which her insurance will not cover, and is estimated to cost somewhere around $80,000.
Items have been donated and you can bid for them at On that site there is also more info on Carol and her family - including pictures of her adorable children. You can also visit Scott & Carol Decker's blog, which has more info on the family and is following her progress.

You don't have to bid on items - but if you read this post I would love if you passed the info on to friends and family who you think might!

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