August 8, 2008

Yay For Pet Gadgets!

Newsweek published an article after my own heart (and sense of humor): Extreme Pet Gadgets. There are some real doozies on the list, but I dont want to spoil the fun all in one post. You can go check them out youself, but for now I am only going to post a few and save the rest for later:)

Every lazy dog owner needs their own personal dog walker!

There are multiple makers of these products, and the prices range according to the maker. Pawwws has them from 699-899, depending on the size of your breed. The "full size" model from Jog A Dog is $2,995. Of course, there are also some important guidelines when buying a treadmill for your dog, for some do's and don't click here. This is serious business people! Don't go running out to buy your dog a treadmill without doing some investigation first :)

For only $19.99 you can get your pooch his/her own umbrella.
Now you can keep your pooch nice and dry when you take a stroll in the rain. Unless you have a dog that insists on laying in any visible standing water (like I do). Then its hopeless.

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