August 11, 2008

Race Spectatorship

Yesterday morning Jeff and I went out to watch Beca, Bradley, Cara & Patti run the Chicago Distance Classic. It was a perfect morning and the race had perfect weather. The sun was out, there wasnt a cloud in the sky, the temps were pretty cool, and there was a nice lake breeze. Last year for this same race it was smoking hot - so I have a feeling all race participants were pretty thrilled with the day!

We went near the end of the course, between miles 11 & 12 and waited for my old running buddies to come by. Each of them looked great, working to beat last years times and maybe get some PR's :) We saw four smiling faces come by (at different times, but all not too far from each other) and felt good knowing that they were all on the road to a strong finish.

Again, it was hard watching them and not running with them ... but in my current state it obviously wasnt going to happen anyway :) It did make me think a bit about what this year would have been like had we not had a baby on the way. Last year after the Vegas Marathon I was pretty set I wouldnt do one this year. I never enjoyed my solo runs, and also felt that I needed a different challenge ... not another year focus on "The Marathon". But seeing as all my friends are doing it again, I would have been the only one not running. If I was on the sidelines yesterday as a spectator simply by choice, I think I would have felt pretty left out ... and more importantly would have missed the experience of the whole thing. If Baby Schneider wasnt on the schedule for 2008, I have a feeling I would have been running along with all my buddies ... despite the fact that only a few months ago I was sure I wouldnt :)

We will see what 2009 brings, who knows! But for sure I will think about watching all of them yesterday when I evaluate what type of place running will take (if any) in my post-baby workout regime.

They still are pooling the CDC pictures, but as soon as I find some of Bradley, Beca, Cara & Patti I will post them on here so they can be seen in all their glory :)

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Beca said...

Thanks so much for coming to watch us!!

It was almost as fun seeing you on the sidelines as running with you, maybe next year.