August 7, 2008

Get Yourself to DQ!

Today's Miracle Treat Day! Go to Dairy Queen right now and get yourself a Blizzard. It's about the best excuse to eat ice-cream I have ever heard. I have been the using the "I'm pregnant and need calcium" excuse too much but now I can use the "It's for charity" excuse. So much better :) (Plus, its an excuse everyone can use!)

If You Didn't Already Want A Tiger...
I bet you will now! Check it out. Pictured is a three-month-old Amur tiger cub from the Pittsburgh Zoo. This little guy has been hand raised since its mother abandoned him shortly after his birth! His handler took him home on the weekends, where he became friends with a labrador named "Bella". Supposedly the two would often take naps together. And when the tiger cub cried Bella would become concerned and spend time with him. The two of them would sit togther in the back seat of the handlers car, often playing together during a drive ;)

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