August 18, 2008

Chicago Distance Classic: Pictures...And Still the Controversy

So the pics are posted for the CDC. I "stole" these (they have a script across the front so you dont do so) and therefore some of the shapes and sizes are small ... but I thought my running buddies deserved some more fame on my blog :)





These pics are in order by first name, and by no means indicate finish times or my personal preference :)

Measuring the Distance
Still, there appears to be no info on the course measurement. Apart from the original postings on the CDC Website, which have apparently been taken down, the only chatter is within running forums. I did find one more piece of info, from a forum, about the Chicago Marathon start corrals (many use the CDC as their corral qualification time). Again, this is a post from John Bingham on a different forum dated 8/12/2008 at 11:25AM(link here)
There were a total of 2300 finishers last Sunday that met the adjusted qualification times. 1300 matched in our database. Of the 1300, 700 were given a new assignment A - D. The adjustment based on the timee described below allowed an additional 150 participants to achieve entry or move up in the Start Corrals. They are being posted to the Confirmation page.

The adjusted Start Corral Qualification for the CDC is as follows:
-Top 100 Men < 1:12:00
-Top 100 Women < 1:22:00

-Corral A < 1:27:15
-Corral B < 1:37:30
-Corral C < 1:47:45
-Corral D < 1:53:00

This is based on the variance of 0.1668 of a mile noted by the race certifier.

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