August 20, 2008

Body Lovin'

Runers World sent out an old article (dated 2001) but it still has a lot of relevance. The article provides 9 ways to make you comfortable with your own body. While body issues don't purely lie with women, they do seem to be much more prevalent for us. And I think that my current pregnancy has heightened my body awareness and increased the level of discomfort I have living in this skin. First of all, I often feel like my body is not my own. Not only do I have another being actually living in it ... but the way it looks today is nothing like it looked a few months ago. To top it off, in only a few weeks I need to start worrying about "getting my old body back". Whether or not I like my "old body", I sure would like to have my "old body" versus my "new body"!

The 9 tips the article suggests include:
  1. Make peace with your genes
  2. See the positive
  3. Look in the mirror
  4. Dress for success
  5. Be polite to yourself
  6. Ignore the "magic numbers"
  7. Enter a charity race
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others
  9. Picture women you know
But, if you are like me an have some trouble appreciating your body, perhaps you can appreciate one of these :)

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