July 25, 2008

Ok, We Get It! Sleep Is Important!

There are always studies about sleep, and how the lack of it can link to a variety of things. Health consequences include a heightened risk for a number of major illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. But consequences are not only health-related. For example, those lacking in the necessary amt of sleep create road dangers as they nod off/fall asleep at the road.

Today, it appears that everyone (not just the pregnant ones) is suffering from sleep deprivation. And the impacts are seen across the board.

A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly 3 in 10 workers "have become very sleepy, or even fallen asleep, at work in the past month. Employers have also seen poor work performance (e.g. arriving late to work, lack of concentration, etc)

And now a new study links poor sleep (measured in part by how long participants took to nod off and how often they awakened in the night) with higher levels of hostility, depression, and anger, especially in women. As a long-standing insomniac I am glad to finally hear this confirmed. Now I know that my short-temper and anger problems are all related to the fact that I dont get a whole lot of sleep ... so obviously I cant be held responsible? Right? And since sleep deprivation is the #1 concern/issue that new parents have ... I want to make sure I clearly state now that all of my nasty behavior in the months to come just simply isnt my fault :)

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runner Girl said...

I also read that getting less than 8 slows the metabolism. Makes sense since your body thinks less sleep means trouble and wants to hold on to the energy it has. During the week that's easy for me, but I got home at 4 the last two nights and still wake up at 9 or 10. yay naps!