July 23, 2008

This Made Me Cry

Perhaps many of you have seen this - its been circulating all over. But if you havent, you really have to. Its such a touching story, but when you watch it you just can't believe its real. But I did some looking around (e.g. Snopes) and the amazing thing is that it IS REAL! How cool is that?

The basic gyst of the story is that in 1969, 2 guys purchased a lion cub from Harrods department store in London. (Yes, back in the day you could actually buy exotic animals in stores). Christian, the lion, grew to big, too fast, and the owners agreed to have it sent Kenya in order to be rehabilitated into the wild at Kora National Reserve. The two men later returned to Kenya in hopes of spotting their former pet, and this video shows you the amazing outcome of that visit.


runner Girl said...

That was absolutely precious! He covered the in hugs and kisses! Personally, if a lion that big came running at me, I'd probably poop my pants : P

meanjean said...

yes. ive seen this. AMAZING. I want a lion.