July 14, 2008


I am not a very big drinker in the first place, but do enjoy the occasional beer. In the past few months I have actually been craving alcohol, and am quite aware that its simply because I am not supposed to have it. When I see a person with a beer or glass of wine, I almost drool. In NYC over the weekened we had lunch at The Boathouse and everyone in there was drinking fruity drinks ... I saw lots of Mimosas and Mojitos. I dont generally like either one of those, but cannot tell you how bad I wanted one :)

I come home, and RunnerGirl has a post about the best beers (alcohol & calorie related) ...the lowest calorie beer she had listed was Michelob Ultra with 4.5% alcohol and 95 calories. That got me to thinking...I swear there was something more recent I had seen out there with much less calories, and I found it :)

Becks Light!
Becks Light has 64 calories and 3.8% alcohol by volume. Now a lot of people might think it sucks cuz it has less alcohol, but I figure considering the effects that alcohol has on the body maybe this is a good thing ;) RunnerGirl gave the beers a score by dividing the calories by alcohol. That makes Michelob Ultra a 22.619 (95 calories / 4.2 alcohol) and Becks Light only a 16.84 (64 calories / 3.8 alcohol) ... Becks is the clear winner. So what does that mean? That means when I am trying to get my body back in shape after this baby arrives ... and at the same time want to fuel my body with some booze ... I will be looking for a Becks Light (or two...or three...maybe four) :)

Funny Coincidence?
All this beer thinking at at the same time the company that makes Becks (Belgium brewer InBev) has just agreed to buy Anheuser Busch (largest US beer company and maker of Budweiser) for 52 BILLION dollars. The news is unsettling to many, with a foreign company taking over one of our American staples. The Wall Street Journal says it best:
The deal with InBev closes the book on an American corporate dynasty. Anheuser and its predecessor companies have been led by members of the Anheuser or Busch families for most of the past 156 years.


Runner Girl said...

Beck's Light has 3.8%! That's awesome! I'm definitely trying that! I hadn't even heard of it, but I had seen the Miller Genuine Draft Light which has the same amount of calories but only 2.7%

meanjean said...

hells yeah! I cant wait til that baby gets born so my sister and I can have a few beers! Thanks to runner girl--My friends and I drink Mich Ultra pretty frequently, maybe we'll check out becks light!

Tim said...

Surprisingly, Becks Light is quite delicious as long as it is cold enough. You can't beat a good tasting beer at only 64 calories :)