July 13, 2008

And Mission #3

We had to check out a Broadway show (when in NY, eat pizza...and do Broadway!). It was tough to pick so we just randomly decided to go with Young Frankenstein. It looked funny, was a bit different than some of the other stuff, was a newer show, and we got a good deal on some pretty great steats!

That was really all we came for, so it was a successful trip :)


meanjean said...

soooo? was it any good?

Jess said...

Was it like the movie?

lifestudent said...

The play was really good - I didnt know a whole lot about it before going. Much of the humor was very adult, so if you didnt investigate and took your kids (or maybe your grandma) there it might have been a shock :)
I never saw the movie, but the VERY IRRITATING woman behind us kept saying stuff like "this good part is coming" and "I forgot about this part" etc, (the whole time) and she was referring to the movie. I expect they are quite similar!