June 25, 2008

Email Round-Up

I get a lot of promotional emails each day - I am on lots of lists cuz I like to know whats going on, whats new ... and most importantly if there is any cool stuff out there I just "need". There were a couple of emails I got today that sparked my interest and I thought I would share a bit :)

I Think I Am In Love
Today I got an email from Coach about a new line of purses coming out and I think this is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen: According to the email, today is an online "sneak peak" as the purses wont be in stores until Friday. I think I might just have to pop in on Friday so I can take a look at this beauty, and maybe drool a bit. I am trying to think of a reason why I deserve it but just cant. I have to try to do something real special so that I can suddenly become worthy.

A Little Something For My Sister
My sister lives in DC and can definitely get swept up in the current politics...she was all for the idea of our first woman president (but now I think is riding the Obama bandwagon). Today I got my weekly email from someecards.com, which just highlights some of the new cards they have on the site. One of them I just had to post, in honor of my sister. I dont know if she donated any $$$ ... but I guarantee if she did she is wishing righ tnow she had it back :)

Bit O' News
I also get daily updates from the Tribune Company, who featured an article about Chicago-style pizzas headed to troops in Iraq. Its actually a great story! One guy, Retired Air Force Sgt. Mark Evans, has arranged for thousands of pizzas to be frozen, packed in dry ice and shipped to the Middle East in time for the Fourth of July. The idea was originated by his 16-year-old son, Kent. Pizzas are coming from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (which offered a discount).
Anyone interested in contributing to the "Pizzas 4 Patriots" project can write Evans at sgtevans@sbcglobal.net.

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meanjean said...

Just to clarify-- Of course I LOVE the idea of americas first woman president, but I have always been on the Obama bandwagon. And I do think this ecard is totally awesome.