June 24, 2008

Free Online Training Log!

For those of you in midst of training for an event, or who simply want to keep track of your workouts, check out the Running Training Log at Runner's World.com. This thing is pretty sweet, and would have come in handy when I was training. I actually just used my blog as my record, but could never find a tool that did all of the things I wanted it to do. This one appears to have it all!

The log lets you enter runs, cycling, swimming, and other cross-training activities. For each workout you keep track of your time and distance, route, workout type, race placement, heart rate, weight, calories burned, shoe mileage, quality and effort, interval times and distances, weather, and personal notes.

With what you enter in the log, you can see a monthly calendar in addition to weekly and monthly totals. And for those of you who like pretty pictures (like I do), then you can chart those totals!
I always used favoriterun to map my routes - but the Runners World tool has a route planner that enables you to both create and share your running routes. It looks like a pretty sweet tool!


Jess said...

Huh. I might have to check that out. I still record runs by pen and ink. I know, I know, I'm in the middle ages.

Megan Hall said...

It's actually based on the code at http://runningahead.com. The guy who runs that site licensed the software to Runner's World, but is doing other, independent updates to the software on his site. And he's responsive to queries/requests/feature suggestions! Just something to consider...