June 30, 2008

Another Thing I Need Before I Try A Tri :)

First, I definitely am gonna need the bike. But now it looks like there is a new wetsuit I just wont be competitive without. Speedo's new LZR swimsuit supposedly can make you faster than your peers. The hype is believed enough that its making a huge splash at this years US Olympic trials. Speedo claims it has less drag, is better in oxygen efficiency and is faster than competitors. Speedo is giving them away to athletes at the Trials and the Summer Olympics ... but the rest of us are going to have to shell out about $550 for it. It looks like a space-suit, and all of the Olympians are wearing it, so I think that means its a "must have" for any of you competitors :) That means before I train for a tri I need about 16K for the bike, and $550 for the suit. As soon as I have 16,550 laying around I will be ready to take on my next "marathon leap".


RazZDoodle said...

Yeah. here in Omaha, they're doing a story on this suit about every other 5 minutes. Pretty cool, too. I think I may go down to the trials just to check the damn thing out. (Speedo has a display)

Jess said...

It actually does look like a sleek suit.