August 28, 2007

Reality Bites

I know I have only been back in school for two days - but so far I am not a fan. I have to wake up early, commute with the rest of the world, and put my "game face" on for students. Its hard to transition from a summer focused just on research (and of course, marathon training!) into lecturing in front of a class, working for a professor, and just having to be productive in general. I know I will survive, but for now I feel confused and scattered. I feel like I cant manage my time and that I am not quite sure how to get all that needs to be done each day. Amy suggests on these cranky days (like going back to school) to think about "why we run" - the power of thinking can eliminate so much doubt. Its not how I will be able to manage my schedule - instead it should be how much I want to get things in order because of the importance of my other goals. For example, running the marathon :) Of course it will all work out ... because I am motivated ... and because I know I can do it!

I have been good about my training - which is one of my biggest concerns. How will my new schedule impact my training routine? Yesterday I did my run in the afternoon after I came home from campus, and today I did my cross-training at the university gym. Both days I did some weight training ... so far so good!

Other Things of Note
I signed up for the Park Forest Scenic 10 Mile that takes place on Monday (Labor Day). Basically, I signed up for it because TNT suggested it and my training group doesnt have an official run this weekend. I am a bit leery after my lack of enjoyment of the CDC, but Vanilla had a post that boosted my spirits a bit. He said "Your first attempt at a race distance is always a PR right?" ... and I think he is right! I found an old article from "Dr J" that confirms this idea! I have never run a 10mile race before, so I am bound to set a personal record. Whoohoo!
Confirmation of Obstacle Course
My 18-miler (while it went well) was the messiest, dirtiest, most complicated run thus far. We did it after some major storms, and had to dodge fallen trees and massive puddles (more like small ponds) throughout the run. When we finished, I was sure I had run 19 miles due to all the diversions. In addition, I had mud all up my legs and my feet were soaking wet from those puddles I didnt not manage to quite cross completely. Princess Runner sounds like she didnt enjoy the obstacles either (and I was secretly glad to see others got as dirty as I did!).


Tom said...

Amy and I are excited about following your progress to your marathon. Chicago is the best marathon experience. You'll also love the scenic 10.

School transitions are challenging--they drain me of my energy for several weeks.

Keep up the good work!

Midwestern Progressive said...

The Park Forest Scenic 10 is a GREAT race! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I ran a number of them "back in the day" and I can say for certain that they used to give out the coolest race t-shirts. Long sleeve cotton t-shirts back then, not sure what they do now.

I may follow your weblog through the Marathon, if you don't mind....

lifestudent said...

I hear lots of great things about the scenic 10 ... also a rumor its the last year? If they have a cool race shirt that even another bonus - I am just excited about the "two free food tickets". YUM.