August 27, 2007

A New Perspective

Obviously the marathon continues to draw nearer. In fact, I only have three "long runs" left. This realization is a bit surreal, but definitly something to think about. What do I need to do in the next 41 days to ensure that I am as prepared as possible for a 26.2 mile run?

- Eat sensibly
I have had a bit of a "I can eat anything I want, I am training for the marathon" mentality since day one. This is probably a good part of the reason I have gained weight while training :) I think from now until October 7th I need to make sure I treat my body like a temple - and keep all of the junk out. I am not saying I am going to give up all of the things I love - but I AM saying I am going to think about what I put into my body.

- Strengthen
I need to work on building strength. Today I signed up for a pilates class that meets twice a week - but it doesnt start until September 17. That will give me 6 sessions, which is better than nothing, but I think I need more. I need to work on incorporating more weights into my weekly workouts, and add some core exercises.

- Stretch
Its a weakness of mine, I dont give enough credit to stretching. I need to stretch every day, somehow build it into my routine. That only means I have to stretch 40 times...I think I can make myself remember to do this.

- Rest
I have the worst sleep problems (ok, maybe not the WORST - someone else always has it worse!) and I am well aware that they impact every part of my life, including training. I think that although I hate the fact I have to be on campus every day this semester, this "inconvenience" will actually shape some routine into my life and hopefully make my sleep patterns a bit better. I promise not to rob myself of any opportunities to sleep if my body promises not to smack me with restless nights.

Training Log
Time:  20:00 time  Distance:1.95 miles   Pace:  10:15 min/mi
I went to the gym today, and made sure to do some weights before my short run. I focused on my legs, but did a bit of oblique and back work as well. The back pain I had during the 18 was a wake-up-call and has gotten me thinking about my back and ab strength ...

It was a short run and I was feeling pretty good about it, so I started of slow and kept picking up my speed. Average was 10:15 for a pace, but it varied over the length of the run. I got home all proud of myself for feeling so good during the run, and then realized while posting this that I was scheduled for a 40 minute (not 20 minute) run. Oh well! I dont think the schedule took into account I was on my feet all day at the triathlon yesterday ;)

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Amanda said...

I too had the eat whatever I want syndrome going for my first marathon and finally reigned in it near the end..strange how that happens!