May 3, 2007

Why Do I Equate Resting & Stretching With Shopping?

Today is an R/S day. I had the whole thing planned out - with a trial Bally's membership and 9:00AM "Power Yoga" class. Then, last night happened :( I tossed and turned all night (this isnt that unusual for me, unfortunately) and got literally no sleep. Getting up this morning for a 9AM yoga class totally wasnt going to happen. Instead, I did an abs and stretching program. Then, I went shopping!

There were some positive outcomes to the shopping trip. In addition to a chocolate-chip cookie from Mrs. Fields I came away with some training apparel and a YOGA MAT! Now, there are no excuses for the yoga thing and I have to go on the next R/S day - which is Sunday.

School Never Ends
I am slowly progressing on my 50 page paper, but had to give up my Cubs tickets for Saturday knowing that my weekend is not going to permit time for fun. I am doing my research for the paper as I watch Grey's Anatomy. While its not the most focused work, at least I am being constructive with my time. I have an appointment tomorrow (after my morning run) and then a dinner at 6:30 with members of my mentor group for Team In Training. So I have about 5 hours tomorrow that I promise to devote to this work. (Maybe if I write it and post it, I will actually hold myself to do it)

Whoo Hooo! As I am typing a preview for Oceans 13 came on - it looks so good ... I cant wait!

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