May 2, 2007

Classes are FINALLY OVER!

Today was my last official day of class - both for the semester and for my program! Next Tuesday is the official end though - on that day I have a meeting and have to turn in a take-home-final and 50-page paper. I have yet to start the final or the paper - basically this weekend is going to suck big time.

Training Log
Today was a 30 minute run and I decided to go to the gym to do the treadmill. Not only because the weather is icky, but because I have a training logic to it. I have been pacing between 11:00 and 11:30 per mile - but doing this on all of my runs. To eventually get up to longer distances, I need to run at a slow pace. My goal is to push myself more during the week on these short runs by decreasing my pace-time and I can't do that on my own. The treadmill forces me to pace evenly for the time alloted. So today I decreased it to 11:06 and plan to do that a few times and then decrease it again (eventually). Fridays are a bit longer (40 vs 30) and I am going to make myself run outside for these - that will enable me to get better at the style of running outside in addition to seeing where I naturally pace instead of a forced treadmill pace. So on Monday and Wednesday runs I will do the treadmill until I get better at pacing and hopefully pick up my pace a bit on those short runs.
Progress Made
  • Created a bit of a training strategy
  • Got a short-term Bally's membership for Yoga
  • Working out some deals with bars for fundraisers, think I picked a date (my sister will be in town one weekend and I can get her to increase my numbers by inviting her friends too!)

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