May 1, 2007

So...How Great Was Heroes Last Night?

Today was a full day with class, a lunch with some classmates and faculty, and a trip to two grocery stores. Went to the gym for my XT day and did the elliptical and some weights, so I am offically done with the important "to do's" of the day. Now I need to focus on school again :(

I have a presentation for class tomorrow night that I still havent put together - thats step one. Then I have a big paper due next week that I not only need to write, but still need to do a bit of research for - thats step two! Enough of the boring awesome was Heroes last night??? I seriously love that show. If you dont watch it, you are seriously missing out.

Training Log
Spent some time at the gym, doing the elliptical and some weights. I have a feeling that it didnt progress my training at all due to the Turtle Cheesecake, M&M's, and chocolate-covered pretzels I had today. Oops!
Progress Made
  • Got some responses from bars for fundraising, so I am moving a bit there!
  • Registered for the Chicago Distance Classic (August 12) today!

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