April 24, 2007

Temperature Drops, Cubs Lose, But I Remain Optimistic!

First thing in the morning I headed to the gym for my 45 minutes of cross-training. While I was on the elliptical I caught up on my celebrity gossip in US weekly and realized how truly different running is from a lot of the other fitness-related activities I regularly partake in. If I could get celebrity gossip filtered to me while running, I am pretty sure I could run forever!

Today started off sunny and in the 70's and I headed off to class without my jacket. At the end of my two classes (the presentation went off without a hitch) the temperature had dropped quite a bit, but since I drove to class I just had to jump into my car and head home.

Putting on my Cubs sweatshirt, winter coat and gloves prior to heading out to the game was a bit of a downer - but this is CHICAGO! We learn that there are two things you can count on: crazy weather and a struggling Cubs baseball team :)

So, now I am home. Its now 50 degrees and pouring outside. The Cubs lost. Tomorrow the forecast calls for rain and a high of only 52 - so it looks like I am back in the gym running on the treadmill. I really cant complain because before you know it - its gonna be 90 and sweltering out there. For now, I just take day at a time!

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