April 23, 2007

Stay Up Late, Get Up Early? That wasnt the plan :(

Here I am, 15 minutes until midnight, still doing my homework. Poor me! Fortunately I am moments away from completion, although I fear I will be quite unprepared for my 11:00 am class tomorrow and will be delivering a pitiful presentation at 2:00. Oh well!

I am going to have to wake up early to get my training done before class - Cubs game tomorrow night! Luckily its a cross-train day so I can avoid the nervousness of an attempt at running and make a quick trip to the gym.

Both the dog and the spouse have been asleep for hours, as soon as Heroes and 24 ended, so did their evenings. Due to my inability to refrain from watching TV, my evening really didn't begin until the shows were over - leading to my current situation. Hopefully I will get lucky tomorrow and wow them in class with my charm (vs. level of preparadness)!

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