April 23, 2007

Longest Distance Yet - And Still Breathing (barely)

Just got back from a run and wanted to post - will update on my day a bit later.
Today's Training Log
Time:37.5 minutes    Distance:3.48 miles   Pace: 10:45 minute mile

Progress Made
  • Ran my farthest distance EVER!
  • Put in the first 3.5 miles on my new kicks
Lessons Learned
  • I pace a bit faster than I thought I did, I was orginally pacing myself at about a 12:30 mile.
  • Still don't know how to work my training watch. At the end of the run I hit the "start/split" button, and it said something around 37.5 minutes. Then I went in the house and as I was drining my water I noticed it was moving again so I lost my time. Think I better pull out that manual again :)

1 comment:

LeahC said...

hitting the split button is good for getting your time per mile if you knew that. I use that in races everytime i go by a mile marker so i can review that after the race. You need to hit the stop/reset button though when you are done. on my timex it's the bottom right button.