April 22, 2007

Rest & Stretch...

Last night I was exhausted. Seriously - more tired than I remember being in such a long time! This is a big deal because I am a bit of an insomniac and dont often get a lot of sleep. Well, when I went to bed last night I totally passed out - it was fantastic! This morning I didnt get out of bed until 9:30AM and had a lot of work to do - but it was a "Rest & Stretch" day, so I knew (as far as workouts go) I could take it easy.

I didnt know exactly what to do for my workout, so I did some exercise videos from On Demand (for those of you who dont know, its a service through my cable tv that houses a huge variety of programs, movies...end exercise videos!). Anyway, I did an abs program and a yoga-type stretching program. I am not sure if thats good enough to cover it because my legs are definitly a bit tight, but since this is a work in progress I will figure it out later. I am thinking of getting into a Yoga or Pilates class that I can take on my R/S days.

I have a huge presentation for school on Tuesday and decided (since its Sunday), I probabally should start working on it. I went to my favorite study location - Caribou. I had a hard time mentally getting into the work, but did get some done. I was sad to learn that their "free WiFi" service totally changed! Now they give you a free hour of service, but then you need to go make a $1.50 purchase to get a code to continue your service. At the end of an hour I still had my coffee and had already eaten a muffin. If I had known about the change, I would have waited to buy the muffin in order to get the WiFi code. I am disappointed in the change and now need to look to find a new study location that will let me loaf around all day! Another task to add to my list :(

More Shopping!
On my way back from the coffeeshop I stopped in Sports Authority. As I walked past it, it called out to me! I got two running hats to help with the sun and glare during the long runs, in addition to another longsleeve shirt (since my last one was riding up during my run). I better not ever quit running because I am too financially invested with all the gear I am getting :)

And Onto the Evening...
When I got home I helped my hubby put together our new patio table, then we made dinner. Right now we are watching the Amazing Race and I need to get back to my schoolwork. I promise, after the show and this blog post, I will bury my nose into presentation-preparation.

Training Log
Today was a "Rest & Stretch" day, my first. There was another one I skipped due to my concern about where my level of ability is leading up to the Saturday runs. I am still thinking about what to do on these days, so today I did a stretching video and ab video. It was only about 20 minutes of work...
Progress Made
  • More shopping! Got two hats for running
  • I added a link to my donor page into my email signature (as suggested by my TNT mentor) so I can gradually get the word out about my fundraising. This week I am going to do some letters for family members and some other people who arent very active online
Lessons Learned
  • I need to do more planning for my Rest & Stretch days, I was clueless today
  • I realized the Saturday run is 4 miles, not 3 as I had thought. This threw me off a bit - I have never run more than 3 ... and 3 is a bit of a struggle. I am not sure if its a lesson - but its a realization that threw me for a loop!

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