April 21, 2007

First Official Date of Training - COMPLETE!

Waking up this morning was not the most ideal Saturday morning I could imagine. Up at 6:15, I had breakfast, took the dog out, fed her breakfast, took a quick shower and left the house at 7:30 to meet Team in Training at Momentum. The staff at Momentum talked to us a bit about shoes, apparel & training - then the team went out for a run. We were told to run for 17 minutes and then head back, so a total of 34 to 35 minutes.

I was really nervous! As a new runner, I had never run with others - and there was this sense that I had to do well to prove myself. In the beginning, I think the pack started out a bit fast. I dont know how fast, but I was struggling a bit. Not long into the run I kept telling myself in my head that I should just walk a bit, that it would be ok, but then I convinced myself not to. 17 minutes into it one of the team mentors told us to turn around, and I remember thinking - "How am I going to make it all the way back????". On the way back I noticed quite a few of the other team members walking - BUT I NEVER DID!!! It made me feel good to complete my first run, but even better to know that there is definitely a huge range of abilities on the team and I should have no problem finding others like myself.

The Rest of My Day!
Momentum fed us pancakes after the run - I havent had pancakes in forever and they were actually awesome. I also grabbed a donught ... and worked really hard to convince myself not to grab a second one. (I didnt!) I shopped around the store a bit and bought some shoes that the staff recommended to help with my funny running style. After examining my arch, and watching me run to see my gate - I tried on several pairs of shoes that fit my needs. Ultimately I decided on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6. So excited to take them out for a spin!

I went into Petco (across the street from Momentum) and bought a shorter leash for Wrigley. Hopefully it will restrict her from running all over and pulling me in every which direction. We will try it out one day this week and I am excited for our next attempt!

In addition, its georgoius in Chicago today - and we are heading out to the Cubs game. The streets are packed with people already (its 1:00 pm here) and everyone in the whole city seems to be excited about the weather and the promise of summer in Chicago :)

Training Log
Time:34 - 35 minutes Distance:2.83 miles

Progress Made
  • Completed my first TNT session
  • Bought some sweet new shoes
  • Got a leash that will enable Wrigley and I to continue on with our training
Lessons Learned
  • There are a wide range of abilities on the TNT team, and it looks like I am not at the low end of the spectrum!
  • The mental game I play with myself while I run makes me loose confidence and think I cant do it - I think this will improve as I train, but need to keep note of it

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