April 30, 2007

Gotta Love Resting & Stretching

Since I ran yesterday, I made today my R/S day. I did an abs workout, but thats about it. I think its been a bit more "rest" than "stretch". In addition to resting & stretching, I have been doing a good deal of chocolate eating. Since I find chocolate to be very soothing, I think it fits well into the "rest" category :)
In addition to some unfun things I had to do for school today, I sent out feeler-emails about some fundraising opportunities. Who knows how it will pan out, but at least I did something productive today.

I also got some new shoes. They have nothing to do with training, but they are alternative sneakers and are totally comfortable. I must reward my sore running feet with comfortable (and, of course, cute) shoes.

Training Log
A little bit of resting with some planned stretching for the evening. There should be more of these R/S days - I think I like them!
Progress Made
  • Did a little fundraising work
Lessons Learned
  • I particularly excel at the "Rest & Stretch" days

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Good luck with your training. It is quite something to go from no running to marathon training.

You'll enjoy this journey. It is one that changes your outlook on health and physical ability.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. If I can help you at all, just send me an email (andrew.seeley [at] verizon.net)

Good luck and have fun!