April 27, 2012

Whoops. It's been a bit TOO long.

Back when I was running a lot I had two kids napping, now I just have one. I decided to try to run today during the little guys nap ... Which is now "quiet time" for his big sister.

It was very difficult to explain to her that she had to leave me be for a whole 20 minutes. I put on one of her shows and sat her in front of the tv ... Then went to the treadmill.

It took me about 5 minutes (maybe more) to turn it on! I forgot it won't start without a key :(. By that time Brooke was already getting antsy, and I hadn't even started.

I decided to run 2 miles. First, because my legs still hurt from the other day. Second, because I knew she wasn't going to wait for a three mile run.

During those two miles she came in four times. She wanted to hand me the empty bowl from her snack. Then she wanted to get some hand weights to "exercise". Then she just wanted to chat. Then she had to announce she had to go potty.

I did the first mile at 10:30. I kept increasing the pace from that point, at every .25 miles. I knew my window was short.

Good thing: got in two runs this week
Bad thing: naptime running is going to be a challenge

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