October 10, 2011

Today's Run Outlook: Not Good

Saturday night I didnt get a lot of sleep, I went to bed really late and got up early for the race on Sunday. No biggie, because my plan was to get to bed early last night and get a nice, long sleep. Of course, that didnt happen.

First, I didnt get to sleep until after 11PM. That was strike one.

Then, at 2:55 my daughter started screaming and yelling. I ran into her room and she told me her "blankets were messed up". Strike two.

Then, at 4:50, my son woke up. He looked around his crib for a paci and couldnt find one. Then, whimpered and whined as he tried to fall back asleep. I let that go on for about 20 minutes until I went into his room and gave him one. I tried to be swift, but he saw me anyway, and then had a hard time falling asleep because he likely thought it was actually time to wake up. He didnt fall asleep until after 5:30AM. Strike three.

My daughter got up at her usual 6:30, my son slept in until 7:45. So my day begins again, short on sleep. Topped with the really short Saturday night and the long marathon volunteer day, I'm worn out. Its 8:00 AM right now and I cant stop yawning. And, to top that all off, I'm going to spend the day walking around the zoo with the kids. Fun, but even more exhausting.

So, I can likely say that if I get both kids to sync on a nap (which sometimes doesnt happen anyway on days we do outings) that I likely will be laying down for a snooze, not hitting the treadmill. But, tomorrow is another day :)


Jen said...

Awe... good luck! I hate sleep interuptions! It gets better... eventually, until you decide you need a puppy. ;-)

Jess said...

Get a nap if you get a chance. No sense running when you're sleep-deprived!